Announcing a new game, Dary’s Legend

Mar 16 2012

So, this is finally happening and after a few months of silence we are now announcing our next game.

Dary’s Legend is a roguelike dungeon crawler game, fully hand-drawn. Help Dary as he embarks on a journey full of perils, monsters, traps and treasures.

On the upcoming weeks/months we will reveal more about it, meanwhile I recommend you take a quick look at the official site ( where you can view a bit of the art and the main character.


Roguelike dungeon crawler game?
The roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, usually characterized by procedural levels, permanent death, monsters, items, treasures and environmental features.

What’s the release date?
We haven’t announced it yet, so for now it’s “when it’s done”.

For which platforms will it be available?
No platform is either confirmed or ruled out. All we can say is that it runs on Windows since that’s where it’s being developed.

Can I help as a beta tester?
We may need more in the future so pay attention to our feeds and we will keep you updated.

How many people are working on this?
Just two, a programmer and an illustrator/designer, the exact same team who developed Vizati.

What technology are you using?
We are using a custom engine we developed.


7 Responses to "Announcing a new game, Dary’s Legend"

  1. Toby Walker
    18 March 201200:14

    You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this announcement!
    When it comes to testing time, let me be the first to offer up my time! :D

  2. Zikron
    02 April 201218:52

    I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening, am I doing something wrong?

    Art style is awesome. Even with just a few screen shots and a small bit of information this game is very high up on my most wanted list because I <3 rogue-likes.

  3. Zikron
    03 April 201214:29

    Please fix the forums, I can’t register to post all my questions there. So I will ask them here for now.

    1. The map shown in the screenshots looks huge, does this mean that there will not be vertical levels?

    2. Will there be any sort of character creation at the beginning of each game?

    3. How is the leveling system going to work? Will I get to choose paths, will it be random or will all my attributes increase a fixed amount? (please don’t say the last one)

    Super excited about this game!!!

  4. Chezzo
    13 September 201216:28

    Dude, this game looks gorgeous. It was the one I was most looking forward to playing from the screens of the Greenlight roguelikes. Show me some playable demos already!

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