Dary’s Legend update released

Jan 11 2013

The update for Dary’s Legend has been released.

Apart from our personal roadmap we’ve also read all feedback/comments that we found in order to improve the game the best way we can.
So among several tweaks and fixes there are three main features worth mentioning.

Caldron and crafting

Caldron’s where already available in the previous build but where disabled. On this build we finished them and you can now boil a few recipes. We decided to share how it works.

Step 1 – You need to find a book of Recipes. Each book might contain a different one. This can be found in several places.


Step 2 – After picking one up, just right click to learn it.


Step 3 – You need to find and use one of these.


Step 4 – Combine the ingredients, or just use the “make” button to auto-complete.


And that’s it. We’ll be adding recipes and tweaking this on next builds so stay tuned.

In Game options

Another new feature worth mentioning is the new in game options menu.

It’s now possible to have the top bar always visible or in auto-hide mode (default). Also a nice slider to control the overall walking movement of our character. For now this affects walking and attacking animations. We tweaked a bit the animations but felt that each person will probably have a different value they feel more comfortable with, so you can choose between 1.0x to 2.0x of speed. Personally we’ve been playing at 1.3x.


Wait turn

You can now press the Enter key to skip/wait until your next turn. Although this is a simple change it can be used strategically in many situations.

Full changelog list:
Added: Caldron now fully working with learned recipes
Added: Recipes to boil potions (HP/Mana)
Added: Resource globes (HP/Mana) now glow when running low, also a new effect on the liquid
Fixed: Enemy stat icons indicators no longer jumping because of the enemy attack animation
Added: Learning new recipes grants +95XP
Fixed: Some attacks could be used even if there was not an enemy
Changed: Lowered XP required per level
Changed: Increase Books (Recipes/Skills) probability
Changed: Tweak initial food/potions on Warrior
Added: Added in Game Options Menu
Added: In Game speed slider option
Added: Description to Stats on the Character Menu (wip)
Changed: Increased the attack/damage text size
Fixed: Crashing bug when closing the window directly during game
Added: Music fade between floors
Added: Chance of a monster being asleep
Added: Rare item display a gold title on the label
Fixed: Several typos in some items/objects descriptions
Fixed: Adjusted money spawned per floor
Fixed: Teleport bug when walk cycle was interrupted
Added: Wait turn. Pressing Enter will make the player wait until it’s next turn.

So we’ll get back to work on the next update. As always we appreciate your feedback and wish to thank everyone who’s been so supportive and patient with this all process. Cheers


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  1. Manuel Urbano
    24 January 201318:46

    Hi,for first thing sorry for my english but i’m italian :),i would to congratulate with you all for this awesome game with continous improvment,i hope for a succesfull success in this project :) i love it

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