What’s happening in the Art Section?

Jan 25 2013

Let’s see:

I’ve been working on the second floor of Dary’s Legend, thinking in what to do, defining the style/theme, the environment, what kind of objects can relate to the theme… I’ve created three different categories of objects: decoration, interactive and block (some object that blocks your way). Within these three categories the interactive objects require more attention and precision then the others, as for each object I need to draw a second image that represents the result of the interaction made by the player (consequence). This result needs to be visually easy to identify, ‘cos it’s a dungeon crawler game, and the player will certainly pass several times through the same rooms & floors and he has to be able to identify which objects he has already interacted with.

The colors have an important role here, they can help the player distinguish the objects from the environment and they help me making a little difference with the categories. Even though, depending on what I’m doing, color isn’t enough and I need to add something more or change it all – erase everything and start from scratch.
As the game progresses these little things that at the beginning were a little easy, they become a bit more complicated, because we need to give the player all the information and warnings needed. To be true sometimes I think that there isn’t RGB enough for all the information we have.

Since this is a tile-based game somethings can get a little harder, making me think about the limit size, the origin and the proportion of the objects, so they can be placed randomly without creating any visual disturbance… basically they need to fit randomly anywhere on the floor.

For now, the 2nd floor is very colorful and here’s a picture of some work in progress:


I’m already working on the 3rd floor as well :).
There are one or two menus that I still don’t like them very much, they have to be intuitive.

My job, besides illustration and part of the game design (designing the game development), is to do a charming and user friendly graphical interface. As you know gameplay and graphical user interface are the roots of a game, allowing feedback between the player and the game itself. When a player chooses to do something, it is my job to make the player aware of his choice, representing visually the response to his actions. Of course that when we say “user friendly”, there’s more then meets the eye. We have ideas how things could work, we make plans, we write the story, we do all the pre-production and production stage, but sometimes when it’s ready to use it just isn’t enough, so we have to rethink it, plan it again, redo it, and hope the next time it will work better.

There’s a lot of work to do, and for now I’m just trying to create more, leaving the less important fixes to the end.


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  1. Manuel Urbano
    25 January 201317:09

    thanks for this hard work :)

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