Dary’s Legend update released

Feb 18 2013

We just released a new update,, it should be showing up on Desura soon, if it hasn’t already.

This new patch brings a lot of new stuff and many bug fixes. Here are some of the changes (full list at the end).

Quests – I talked a bit about this on a previous post. This is the first build to have them, also expect more tweaks and quest types in the future.

2nd Floor remade – Rita spent some time drawing all new stuff for the second floor, since until now we were just re-using the same stuff from the first one.

Item power different and sell price in labels – Labels will now show you how much will you benefit or loose with some new weapons, also, sell price. A bit more detail on this here

Now for a more sad aspect of this update. Due to several issues and changes, older saves (v0.5.0 and below) are not compatible with this new version. I am very sorry about this. I will try to prevent this as much as possible in the future, but since this is under active development sometimes unwanted things happen.

So this is it for now. I’ll see you on our next post.



Added: When breaking objects enemies sleeping on a 5 tile radius will wake up
Added: Added power comparison when seeing properties of a equipment item on Labels
Added: Enable/Disable lightning Effects via config.ini file (has no impact on mechanics, just visually)
Added: Quests
Added: New objects and decoration for second floor
Added: Killed count on Monsterpedia
Added: Show/Hide Adventure Log on, in game options
Added: Neuro Stone Communicator
Added: Item sell price in Labels
Changed: Removed recipes level requirement
Changed: Enemies now should attack simultaneously (if it’s turn is the next one)
Changed: When walking pressing another position will make the player change direction. Right Click to cancel movement.
Changed: Added weights to each decoration object for the procedural floor construction
Changed: Ingredients spawning distribution between floors
Changed: Updated glew32 to version 1.9.0
Fixed: Bug that caused Cauldrons not to show up anywhere
Fixed: Solved problem with rooms with custom objects that only belonged to one floor
Fixed: Treasure chests had the same probability of having uncommon objects as breakable objects
Fixed: Some artifacts with transparent walls
Fixed: Loose tiles artifacts
Fixed: Some walls don’t get transparent when player is behind them
Fixed: Issue where loading a game would not set wall transparency until we move
Fixed: Side doors  cut in half when opened
Fixed: Auto-select gained ability to right mouse button if none selected
Fixed: Crashing bug with Store when buying something when your Inventory is full
Fixed: Some weapons causing the “Unprepared” Status Effect would remove the effect when unequipped
Fixed: Damage/Dodge indicators on screen being drawn on top of each other
Fixed: Weapons now have less probability to have negative properties
Fixed: Double clicking a save to load it no longer makes player move in game to the clicked position after load


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