Issues, visual and music

Feb 14 2013

Hi there!

The new update is almost ready!

– Quests –
We’ve been working on the quests system… well, my job is mostly draw new items and new menus.
As you know the aim of a quest is for the hero to obtain something or someone, and for now we have missions, to kill and/or deliver. I’m testing one while writing :)
We have more ideas for quests but, for now, some of them won’t be available in this update.


– Issues –
We’ve already fixed the doors problem – when the doors are open, in some cases, you could see that they weren’t fully drawn – recently I decided to fix it and it took me almost two weeks to find out the best way to solve it.
While I’m struggling, trying to create new items and menus, and fix some other visual problems, I know that David is having problems too, when he says something like: “Holy s#&%, this is getting worse… F*&% this exception…” or something like that.

– Add-on –
I added something new to the dungeon map that might help you with the quests, it will give a little bit of guidance.
It was added some menus and items for the quests.
And David probably added… like a bunch of words to the game (counting with those he has already erased), that some of them I don’t even know what they mean. You go David!

So these are a few twists that we’ve been working on, and while David is getting all together and finishing his part, I’m focus on the third floor theme and the music itself.
As the game concept evolves the musical ideas appear alongside it, and when they get more coherent I summon our musical director Sabrina Cristo giving her the orientation of what I pretend. She’s very creative, a really good musician who knows how to put her own mark on her work making the job a lot easier.



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